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Many people look for payday loan consolidation for several reasons. The first reason is when they need to pay a lot of different bills in one cash advance.

Hurry up and Request a real payday loan help

A big help from debt consolidation

One should know that our payday loan help can solve some credit problems. To get the best real payday loan help, you have to search online and learn more about it.

You have to make sure that you are using the right person. Make sure you talk to all the companies that are listed on the internet. You can then make sure that the lender has been registered with the state.

Find out online lenders company

Find out online lenders company

Some companies can be legitimate and others are just looking for an easy way to get your money. These companies can use fraudulent means to get your money. You have to make sure that the company you will use is properly registered.

If you are not sure about the company you will use, you can check the credentials of the state. You can look for any unusual issues. Most states will do this for you.

Once you know who you will use, you have to make sure that the company you will use will check your credit bureau. You have to make sure that your credit bureau is accurate.

This is very important because some companies will use inaccurate information in their credit bureau. This is a bad thing. You want to make sure that the credit bureau is accurate.

You have to make sure that the credit bureau is accurate. You have to make sure that the data you get is what you will use.

You have to make sure that the companies that you will use do not charge a late fee. You have to make sure that you are going to pay your loan off before you are due to receive your next paycheck.

What is the best way to get payday loans consolidation?

A great way to get payday loans consolidation is through a state-issued number. You have to make sure that the state you will use has access to the number.

You have to make sure that the state you will use is the right one for you. Make sure that the lender is registered with the state. Once you are certain about the state you will use, you have to make sure that the company has been verified as the right one.

Do not be fooled by the lender if you want to save some money. Make sure that you are not paying more than you have to. This can cause other problems down the road.

All the advantages of Government Agency loans for debt consolidation.

Loans for debt consolidation on favorable terms

Loans for debt consolidation on favorable terms

Debt consolidation is one of the main reasons why you are applying for a personal loan. In fact, many citizens find themselves in difficulty in repaying ongoing loans. A situation in which public workers and pensioners are in a clear advantage over other categories of taxpayers since they can access Government Agency loans for debt consolidation.

But how to apply for an Government Agency loan for debt consolidation? The former Government Agency Management of Social Institute provides two types of financing for public employees and pensioners: small loans and multi-year loans. Loans that are accessible only to those who are registered in the unitary management of credit and social benefits.

Characteristics of small loans and multi-year loans

Characteristics of small loans and multi-year loans

Small loans fall into the category of personal loans and can be granted without the applicant justifying his credit application. As a result, a small loan can also be requested to consolidate past debts.

On the other hand, the issue of long-term loans is different, which are granted only in the face of documented needs falling within the cases envisaged by the Social Institute Loan Regulation, among which we find the extinction of a current mortgage loan. It will therefore be possible to use multi-year loans for debt consolidation only to meet the advance payment of a mortgage.

Small loans

As regards the contractual conditions, small loans can have a duration of 1, 2, 3 or 4 years and for each year of duration of the loan it is possible to obtain a sum equal to two average net monthly payments received by the applicant. The interest rate is 4.25%.

Multi-year loans

On the other hand, the Government Agency loans for the consolidation of long-term debts for the repayment of a loan only allow access to the amount necessary to pay the loan. The repayment takes place with a 10-year amortization plan and the rate is 3.5%.

As already mentioned, among the various purposes envisaged for long-term loans, the early repayment of an ongoing mortgage loan, stipulated by the beneficiary or spouse, is envisaged. You can obtain funding to pay off a mortgage entered into for any reason. The maximum amount that can be financed is defined on the basis of the amount to be paid for the early repayment of the mortgage.

Presentation of the application

Presentation of the application

But how to apply for Government Agency loans for debt consolidation? For both small loans and long-term loans, the application must be submitted electronically. The application forms are available in PDF format directly on the official Social Institute website.

To download the application forms it is necessary to connect with the official Social Institute portal and follow the path: “Home – Services and Services – All modules – Management of Public Employees – Registered / Retired – Credit and social benefits”.

As regards the actual submission of the application, civil servants in service activities must submit the request through the Administration they belong to. For pensioners, on the other hand, it is necessary to use the special online service.

Documents for a home renovation loan

In the specific case of a multi-year loan for the repayment of a mortgage in progress, the following documents must be attached to the application form:

  • financing act;
  • self-certification of family status;
  • Declaration of the lender institute stating the amount necessary to pay off the mortgage and for what title it was granted.

Loan simulation

Finally, remember that on the Social Institute website there is also a simulator that allows you to estimate the maximum amount that can be financed and the monthly installment to be paid. To access the Government Agency loan simulator for debt consolidation, simply follow the path: “Home – Services and Services – Management of public employees: simulation of calculation of small loans and multi-year loans”.

Once the web application is reached, it allows you to orient yourself in the offer of loans at preferential conditions granted by Social Institute. It is possible to choose between three simulation modes:

  • loan simulation;
  • loan simulation for specific amount;
  • loan simulation for ideal installment.

Loan to families in difficulty

There can be many roads that lead to economic difficulties. We often imagine this condition as something far away, an aspect capable of touching especially people with extravagant habits and behaviors.

It is not so. You founded your family in a period of economic serenity, when everything went right, but you know that job security no longer exists today. You have to make yourself special, you need to protect your workplace , but sometimes it’s not enough.

It is not enough because the balances can change at any moment and not only at work. Medical expenses can arrive suddenly, or you have to support a lawyer to resolve a delicate situation.

Vices and investments can wait. When you are in charge of a family you have to face the expenses safeguarding the economic security.

For this you need a safe and reliable loan

For this you need a safe and reliable loan

Defined by clear rules and divided into easy-to-repay installments: a very demanding loan is not safe for a family in difficulty.

You have to follow common sense when managing the economic balances of your loved ones, for this you have to rely only on institutions and banks that provide loans following defined rules. But which loans are suitable for a family with some budget problems?

The solution is personal loans of small amounts that do not need to be certified by the institution that provides the credit. The small INPS loan is perfect, but if you do not qualify you can opt for another loan that covers the sale of the fifth . This solution takes its name from the procedure necessary to return the sum: the salary, in fact, will be reduced by 20% (⅕) until the debt is repaid.

The assignment of the fifth is an easy loan to obtain

Coins money

We must not justify why we ask (it can be to make a gift or to face an unexpected expense) and it can also be asked by protested people . This simplicity of delivery is linked to the availability of a fixed salary.

The loan is granted to state , para-state and private employees after having certified the presence of a work contract, and therefore of a stable income . The pay slip will be reduced by 20% before it is even collected, so the cases of insolvency are extremely reduced. Obviously, in order to get a loan with the fifth assignment you must have a permanent contract for at least three months.

In some cases it can also be paid to employees with fixed- term contracts, provided that the restitution takes place within the time limits of the contract.

Mortgage annuity loan: what to know

Do you need to get new liquidity? With the lifetime mortgage loan your home becomes an ATM. What I mean? Simple, your home is your parachute. In other words, it guarantees the bank the return of the loan. Accessing this financial instrument is now easier. The law 44/2015 of May 6 has made it clearer about its operation.

The most important news concerns property owners: access to credit is allowed from 60 years of age . A net change compared to the past. Already, before the minimum age required to obtain this loan was 65 years.

Like the sale of the fifth , you will have realized that the mortgage loan for life represents a resource especially for the elderly . Men and women who are old and need money but do not have any other good outside their home.

Let’s go to the point, here’s what to know about the mortgage loan.

How the Mortgage Loan Works

How the Mortgage Loan Works

the mortgage life loan – as I told you before – is aimed at over 60s and allows you to transform part of the property value into cash . This way you can get liquidity without having to sell the property. In other words, it is an overturned mortgage . Turn on the loan in favor of the bank in exchange for the mortgage on your home.

But how much money can you get from financing? Well, I tell you right away that the cash you can get varies based on the market value of the home. The sum issued is also influenced by the applicant ‘s age and life expectancy. In general, the higher the age of the contractor, the greater the amount granted by the bank or financial intermediary.


Before talking about reimbursement, I will immediately clarify the interest issue. The mortgage life loan behaves like other mortgages. In practice, the interest rate applied to the amount disbursed can be fixed or variable and will be established by the credit market.

As for the repayment of the loan, this can be done gradually. You can agree on times and ways with the credit institution and you no longer have to worry about the annual capitalization of the interests. Pay attention, the delayed payment of the installments (between 30 and 180 days), occurring at least seven times even if not consecutive, gives the bank the right to request the termination of the contract.

In the event that the bank does not find an agreement with the contractor for a gradual repayment, the law provides for three cases of full repayment in a single payment :

  1. Death of the person who requested and obtained the loan
  2. Property sale
  3. The bank must have a full repayment of the loan even if acts occur that reduce the value of the property , for example a new mortgage.

And what happens if the reimbursement does not take place even though at least one of these three cases has occurred? The legislation speaks clearly: “If the loan is not fully repaid within twelve months of the occurrence of events, the lender sells the property at a value equal to the market value”. I tell you more: the bank reduces the value of the house by 15% every twelve months until the time of sale. Subsequently the bank uses the sums obtained to extinguish the credit.

Is it ultimately a cheap loan?

Is it ultimately a cheap loan?

The answer is yes. The mortgage life loan only pledges a portion of the property that can be repurchased by family members. In this way the silent is extinguished and the immovable returns in the hands of the legitimate owners.


Observe credit as a positive alternative for your business



There is a myth that hiring credit is bad for businesses. We think so because it may seem like a lack of financial organization, no profit or even an action contrary to that of an investing company.

The great truth is that most entrepreneurs compare corporate credit with individual credit, but these are two very different subjects.

Personal credit usually anticipates a need or covers an emergency expense, that is, the payment comes from income from the person’s earnings and will not bring about an immediate growth of that gain.

When we talk about loans for corporations, we can classify them as credit healthy and unhealthy credit

Business Loan Application

Unhealthy credit is related to the search for resources to cover “holes” that are constantly growing, fixed costs that are not reduced, that is, a credit that will not bring a positive return to the company.

In Brazil, the situation is a bit more complicated, since most of the credit options offered in the market by large financial institutions do not contribute to the company’s sustainable growth. On the contrary, by the high rate of interest, they end up putting the company in an even worse situation. A classic example is the use of the “Overdraft”, which although useful in an emergency, can present high rates and end up increasing even more the company’s debt.

Already healthy credit is one that brings growth to the business

Business Loan

It is self-sustaining from the operational point of view, that is, if one pays with the very growth of the operation. It works very well between paying suppliers and receiving customers, for example. The lack of own resources can slow the pace and even stop the operation for lack of cash and recurring receipts. This is a problem? Not! It is something that can happen, because there is merchandise already sold / billed and for giving a deadline to the customer, there has not yet been receipt. Picking up a credit (tailored for that moment) can keep the operation at the current level and leverage the growth of your business.

Companies that have an innovative or scarce service to the market, industry or region often need to protect themselves from emerging competitors, growing at extremely high and sustainable levels. In addition to using some marketing strategies and yielding deadlines for its customers, this company must “mark its territory” and increase its stocks or its productivity, buy new machines and more raw materials or even increase its staff in its services. This is another good reason to get a loan, because it will help your working capital and expand the entire operation, opening up possibilities to finance growth in a sustainable way.

At other times, companies already use third-party working capital, have expansion financing, and look at their finances and realize that their costs are steady and their operating expenses are controlled, but their payment for banking services is at an all-time high. expensive lines and all your payment is in the short term. We have one more reason to take credit: to change the debt to more economical lines or change this profile from short to long term (depending on the case it may be the two).

In general, these are the most common reasons, and there are others. But what the entrepreneur needs to keep in mind is that credit will never be bad if within your planning he can get paid through the investment made. This is what a healthy credit differs from another type of credit: the end result is good financial health to foster the growth of the entire company.

Nowadays there are several options on the market, but be careful! Hiring without planning and with high interest rates can be a maze with no way out. Many micro and small businesses have sought a solution in digital credit fintechs, since the main advantage of these online platforms is that they are less bureaucratic, transparent and release credit faster than banks and financial institutions.

This is the case of NEXOOS, a platform that allows companies to set up their own credit structure with the best fit in their cash flow, through collaborative loans : a financing modality that democratizes this process, thanks to the absence of an intermediary (such as the bank) between the parties and results in the lowest interest rates on the market.

A credit redemption how much does it cost?

The repurchase of credit is a financial product allowing private households to collect their existing loans (consumer credit, car loan, mortgage …) in a single loan, offering the possibility of paying a single monthly payment which is then greatly reduced, as well as an extended repayment term. The consumer may choose to redeem the credits in question from his own bank, or choose another financial institution with the help of a credit broker. But, like any borrowing of money, the repurchase of credit also generates different costs that must be calculated upstream.

Application fee

Application fee

If the plaintiff requests the redemption of his credits from his own bank, he will have to pay a handling fee; just as if he solicited the services of a broker.

However, it should be noted that the application fee must only be applied in the event of acceptance of the redemption request, and its amount is generally between 1% and 1.5% of the total amount redeemed.

The preliminary study of the applicant’s file can not under any circumstances induce costs without the financing of the new loan agreement.

Prepayment penalties

Prepayment penalties

In the context of the repurchase of a mortgage, the contract may provide for prepayment penalties for borrowed capital. In other cases, since you have * repaid all of your old loans in advance, you may be entitled to prepayment penalties (ARIs).

However, the amount of the IRA can not exceed 6 months of interest and 3% of the outstanding capital for the real estate regime, and 1% maximum for the consumer credit scheme.

Notary fees

In the particular case of mortgage repurchase , you must provide notary fees, which are generally included in the total amount of the repurchase.

Indeed, the notary is responsible for drafting the notarial deed necessary for the signature of the prior offer. The amount of the notary fees is in% of the total amount of the loan, and they decrease or increase according to the amount to be financed.

Other expenses

Some banks require the purchase of credit insurance, especially when the purchase of credit involves a mortgage on your property.

The amount of the insurance fee is between 0.12% and 0.40% of the amount bought back, but these are often optional, especially when it comes to a buy back of consumer credit.

In other words, the borrower insurance coverage is not mandatory, but the bank is not obliged to grant you the financing without insurance taken out with an insurance company.

5 key points that make payday loans

Online loan company with an important presence in the Mexican market. Its flexibility and the simplicity of its platform make it an increasingly popular option in our country among the thousands of people who can not request a loan with the banking institutions of yesteryear but need financing to improve their current situation.

The innovation brought by the internet has allowed financial services to reach all corners of the national territory. Since its start of operations in 2015 to date, has granted nearly 60 thousand loans to more than 31 thousand clients. Its mission is to bring accessible financing to people who need it the most, as they have been ignored by traditional banks.

  1. They are the fastest

The entire process can be done in less than an hour, you just have to enter your page, select the amount and time to pay, fill out a form and wait for the confirmation email. The operation times of this service are very fast, in minutes you have an answer and you will see the money reflected in your account. Also, this is one of the few lenders that gives you the option to receive the cash.

  1. They ask for few requirements

Almost anyone can apply for these loans, everything is done online and unlike other companies that ask you to scan several documents, here you only need your current voter card. If you are of legal age, you have a telephone and an email you can be a candidate to receive one of these loans, the vision of this company is to help all the people who need financial help.

  1. Loans worries about its customers

    Vivus loans worries about its customers

If you are a new client, offers you a very attractive preferential rate, with an applicable monthly ordinary interest rate of 17.50% plus VAT and with an average Annual Total Cost of 210% plus VAT. This rate is very good compared to the applicable monthly ordinary interest of 35% plus VAT and the average CAT of 3564.4% paid by regular users. This company offers you one of the most competitive rates for new clients.

  1. You can pay in thousands of establishments

    You can pay in thousands of establishments

Thanks to the PAY CASH system you can generate a payment order to deposit. Another option you have is to pay by means of a debit card, so you will not have to leave your house, just go to the website of Vivus to get a link in which you must enter your data. 

  1. It is safe

This brand is managed by the 4Finance company, which has a presence in more than 17 countries and has made more than 11 million loans, its years of experience and the size of its operations place it as one of the leading companies in the panorama international. In addition, this group is subject to the supervision of the National Banking and Securities Commission, in strict accordance with the General Law of Auxiliary Credit Organizations and Activities.

The main advantage of this company is that they do not have hidden fees or small bills, from the first moment you know how much you will have to pay at the time of paying off the debt. If for some reason you need to have money almost immediately, loans is the option you were looking for.