5 key points that make payday loans

Online loan company with an important presence in the Mexican market. Its flexibility and the simplicity of its platform make it an increasingly popular option in our country among the thousands of people who can not request a loan with the banking institutions of yesteryear but need financing to improve their current situation.

The innovation brought by the internet has allowed financial services to reach all corners of the national territory. Since its start of operations in 2015 to date, has granted nearly 60 thousand loans to more than 31 thousand clients. Its mission is to bring accessible financing to people who need it the most, as they have been ignored by traditional banks.

  1. They are the fastest

The entire process can be done in less than an hour, you just have to enter your page, select the amount and time to pay, fill out a form and wait for the confirmation email. The operation times of this service are very fast, in minutes you have an answer and you will see the money reflected in your account. Also, this is one of the few lenders that gives you the option to receive the cash.

  1. They ask for few requirements

Almost anyone can apply for these loans, everything is done online and unlike other companies that ask you to scan several documents, here you only need your current voter card. If you are of legal age, you have a telephone and an email you can be a candidate to receive one of these loans, the vision of this company is to help all the people who need financial help.

  1. Loans worries about its customers

    Vivus loans worries about its customers

If you are a new client, offers you a very attractive preferential rate, with an applicable monthly ordinary interest rate of 17.50% plus VAT and with an average Annual Total Cost of 210% plus VAT. This rate is very good compared to the applicable monthly ordinary interest of 35% plus VAT and the average CAT of 3564.4% paid by regular users. This company offers you one of the most competitive rates for new clients.

  1. You can pay in thousands of establishments

    You can pay in thousands of establishments

Thanks to the PAY CASH system you can generate a payment order to deposit. Another option you have is to pay by means of a debit card, so you will not have to leave your house, just go to the website of Vivus to get a link in which you must enter your data. 

  1. It is safe

This brand is managed by the 4Finance company, which has a presence in more than 17 countries and has made more than 11 million loans, its years of experience and the size of its operations place it as one of the leading companies in the panorama international. In addition, this group is subject to the supervision of the National Banking and Securities Commission, in strict accordance with the General Law of Auxiliary Credit Organizations and Activities.

The main advantage of this company is that they do not have hidden fees or small bills, from the first moment you know how much you will have to pay at the time of paying off the debt. If for some reason you need to have money almost immediately, loans is the option you were looking for.